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My original rankings included seven teams. I'm going to expand the club to eight, adding two teams while removing one. Before we get started, here was the Sad Seven from July 2015. Click on the teams to read their original Pain Rankings dispatch.

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Camp Lee was created in Virginia just a couple weeks after war was declared with Germany during WWI. Construction began in 1917 and shortly after, more than 10,000 troops were stationed there. After WW1, the area was turned into a game reserve. Then, when World War 2 started up, another camp was built on the same location as the first. This one was erected just as quickly as the first, and soon housed thousands of troops, preparing them for the front lines. At the end of WW2, the fate of Fort Lee was up in the air, but it was decided to keep it for Quartermaster training. It was named Fort Lee and officially designated as an army post in 1950.

All the bases of dating

All the bases of dating