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"At risk of coming across as bad here I have to be honest and say I have never felt bad about being the dumber in any one of the two long term relationships I've had."

LOL, no worries, Peter. Each situation is a bit different with small extenuating circumstances and it's hard to predict what individuals will do when faced with a particular situation.

But in your particular situation, I can see how that would be. And the extenuating circumstance here that somewhat changes this is this:

"The first she was on a downward slide. .She became to much to live with unfortunately." And this, "The relationship was also on the down slide for the last year of it."

Both were on "downward slides" for some time leading up to the break up. And yes, when something is becoming very negative yet the individuals involved stick around (past it's expiration date) - when it's over, most times, it's over.

But again, that depends. I mean, had the downward slides not begun, things may have turned out differently. And by that I mean, had you dumped them when things first started showing signs of going downhill - it's possible things may have turned out differently. But because both parties stuck it out, by the time it was over, it was really over.

And that does happen. I've been there myself.

"I can also say I have never gone back and contacted these two girls."

I think because in both of these situations, things had gotten SO bad . it was probably a relief for you to actually be away from them, LOL.

"As for proving myself to a woman.....oh hell yes I love that."

See ladies?? Men really do like a challenge and they really do like a bit of healthy tension. They like to work for things and they like to have to sort of struggle to attain them. Again, a bit of healthy tension.

Ever see a group of men, particularly young men with lots of testosterone floating through their veins, LOL . ever notice that when they're in a group - they wrestle and fight with each other for no damn reason?

It's tension. It's that competitive drive. It's them "proving" themselves to one another. They jostle with each other like that because that's how they unknowingly figure out hierarchy in their group. Who's the strongest? Who's the leader? Who's the biggest? Who's the one not to eff with?

Young men establish that by confronting one another in these small battles where they wrestle one another to the ground until one submits, LOL.

They ENJOY this, ladies. It's not mean, it's fun for them. And subconsciously, they don't even realize what they're doing there - but they're setting "rules" and they're competing with one another for the "top spot" in their group via these small competitions with one another.

It's all very primal, very biological.

And as you can see, our dear Peter here has a very high competitive drive, fierce determination, to "win" this woman he fancies. And he's prepared to stop at nothing to do so.

Take a lesson, ladies, from our dear Peter here :-)

Dating love-romance games

Dating love-romance games