Dating a guy your friend used to like - 17 Clear Signs You Should Be Dating Your Best Friend

- He makes jokes about "converting" you.

If he didn't find you attractive at least, he likely wouldn't even be joking about it. If he really wanted nothing to do with you in that sense, the last thing he would want would be to give you ideas by mentioning it.

By extension, some of his friends may make jokes about his converting you. This could indicate that he's discussed such things with them before, or that your being seduced by them has been a topic of conversation before.

- He is touchy-feely with you.

He may not do this right away, for fear that you might be the aggressive kind of straight man that will feel threatened, get inappropriately angry, and slap him away. (Of course, if that was the case, why would you be hanging out with him in the first place?)

It could be that he's just touchy-feely in general, but if he doesn't seem that way towards others, you may want to take heed.

If he's overtly making contact with you in the sense that he's grabbing at things that are normally hidden under clothes, this is probably where the line is crossed. If he's touching it over your clothes, he probably at the very least wouldn't mind doing the same underneath them.

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Dating a guy your friend used to like

Dating a guy your friend used to like